Welcome to Chronicler’s Note, the official website of Seattle author and artist, Brent Kauffman (aka The Chronicler). I am best known for my first novel A Lord of Three, but you can find samples of all my different work here, as well as cool merchandise.

The links below are in four groups: Writing, Visual Storytelling (sprite comics, LEGO scenes, and more), Visual Art (paintings and photography), and Merchandise. There’s a lot, so explore fearlessly. There’s a bit about me at the bottom, too.


A Lord of Three: The Furnishings of Baba Yaga’s Hut, Volume One. From peasant huts to royal palaces, from cursed cities to distant planets, the magical and much-coveted furnishings of Baba Yaga’s dancing hut are sought by elite collectors everywhere. To join their numbers, one must first become A Lord of Three!

You’ll find lots of creative work here – samples of my writing, poetry, Excel color-by-number art, LEGO photography, and more. Browse the categories and tags to find your hearts’ desire.

Pure Concentrated Evil is a comic book project-in-progress. Issues #1 – 3 are written and await only the perfect artist to bring them to life.

Visual Storytelling

A Choose Your Own Adventure – style sprite comic featuring sprites from Final Fantasy, Super Mario Brothers, and other classic video games.

@LegoGuacamole, the light and fluffy side of my LEGO photography

@LegoNightmares, the dark and pokey side of my LEGO photography

Tiny Suicide Squad – a LEGO Adventure

A LEGO playset inspired by Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner

A Christmas fairy tale in the spirit of Rube Goldberg

Visual Art

I paint in acrylic, make odd bits of vector art, and more.

Beneath Our Notice: a gallery of my macro photography.

A design tool, an interactive training tool, and a fun coffee mug! Who knew Excel was so exciting?!

About the Chronicler

How I became the official Chronicler of Princess Vasilisa, ruler of Windflower Island.