Magic: The Gathering Decks

I started playing Magic around 1993, when Fallen Empires was new and Thallids were the big thing. I played off and on until around 2003, then took a nearly-20-year break. In 2019, I discovered Card Kingdom’s Battle Decks and Rookie Decks. I bought one of each Rookie Deck for my girlfriend’s birthday, got her hooked, and we’ve been playing together ever since.

I brew kitchen table Magic, heavily inspired by the style of Card Kingdom’s Battle Decks, and with little to no regard for format (sooo… Vintage?) I respect the playset rule and try (not very successfully) to restrain myself to approximately 60-card decks. Beyond that, anything is game.

I have over 100 decks designed (although not all playtested yet :P) so I’ve added some handy buttons to filter the options below.

Colorless and Mono-Color Decks

Two-Color Decks

Three-Color Decks

Four-Color Decks

Five-Color Decks