Excel Color by Number

Microsoft Excel is much more than a spreadsheet program; it can also be an innovative design tool and a fun teaching tool. My Excel Color-By-Number worksheets bring together both of these alternative uses into a single fun and inspirational game.

The premise is simple: by using Conditional Formatting rules to change the fill color of cells, you can create any kind of pixel art. The Conditional Formatting rules can be driven by the correct answers to a quiz or by simply filling in letters or numbers to ‘paint’.

I’ve designed these workbooks with the educator in mind. Whether you’re teaching the use of Excel itself or looking for an innovative way to enhance quizzes on any subject at all, color-by-number games can make it more fun and rewarding for your students to engage.

Click HERE for a free DIY tutorial if you want to make your own. Or contact me (contact form below) and I can help design a customized workbook for you. My prices start at $50 for a customized workbook with up to 5 colors in the finished artwork.

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