Pure Concentrated Evil

Pure Concentrated Evil is a comic book project-in-progress. Issues #1 – 3 are written and await only the perfect artist to bring them to life. You can read samples here:

What is it about? I’ll give you the elevator pitch (can you hit 13 for me, please?)

An ordinary man, neither competent nor particularly heroic, with no direction or purpose in his life, finds himself suddenly plunged into a world of diabolical villains and science gone horribly awry, discovers he is more heroic and quite a bit more competent than anyone thought, and manages to find both himself and the girl. Also his cat is an incarnation of the God of War, and is building war machines out of kitchen appliances in a bid to conquer the world.

Whew! That was a lungful.

Some people ask “Well, what other comics is it like?” And I say, “er . . . I dunno. That’s like asking what chicken tastes like.” But if you really want a comparison, check out Valiant Entertainment’s new Quantum and Woody comic. It’s a little bit like that. Except with bunnies.

Click over to PureConcentratedEvil and check out writing samples from Issues #1 – 3 (just click on the little + at the bottom of the page when you get there). Fill out the contact form and give Narrator a shout if you think you’re the artist PCE is looking for.

And look out for the bunnies. Some of them bite.