Wight Winter

Blue/Black Kaldheim Snow Zombies

Icebreaker Kraken by Chris Cold

Something is coming … and it sure as hell isn’t Summer. Wight Winter is cold-hearted apocalyptic nightmare of a deck, filled with ice and the walking dead. Nearly every permanent in the deck has the Snow subtype, fueling powerful synergies to freeze your opponent solid.

Use Saw it Coming, Priest of the Haunted Edge, and Icebind Pillar to control the early game. Then boost your army by turning Snow lands into Elementals with Avalanche Caller, evolving your Ascendant Spirits, and using Reflections of Littjara and Narfi, Betrayer King to go crazy with Zombies. Haunting Voyage, Blood on the Snow, and Icebreaker Kraken all make great late-game finishers. See something you like on the other side of the table? Grab it with King Narfi’s Betrayal or Draugr Necromancer and add it to your ranks of wintry warriors! Snow zombies go brrr!

Remember, this deck doesn’t contain any Forests. You’ll need Shimmerdrift Vale or Replicating Ring to bring out Jorn, God of Winter.

Creatures (21)

  • 1 Jorn, God of Winter // Kaldring, the Rimestaff
  • 2 Narfi, Betrayer King
  • 3 Ascendant Spirit
  • 3 Frost Augur
  • 3 Avalanche Caller
  • 3 Priest of the Haunted Edge
  • 3 Grim Draugr
  • 2 Draugr Necromancer
  • 1 Icebreaker Kraken

Artifacts (3)

  • 2 Replicating Ring
  • 1 Icebind Pillar

Enchantments (6)

  • 4 King Narfi’s Betrayal
  • 2 Reflections of Littjara

Sorceries (4)

  • 1 Blood on the Snow
  • 2 Dead of Winter
  • 1 Haunting Voyage

Instants (8)

  • 4 Raise the Draugr
  • 4 Saw it Coming

Lands (26)

(I like Kaldheim artwork for the basic lands)

  • 3 Ice Tunnel
  • 3 Shimmerdrift Vale
  • 10 Snow-Covered Island
  • 10 Snow-Covered Swamp


  • Replicated Ring

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