Weird People on the Subway

Green/White Convoke, Alliance, and Populate

Capenna Express by Viko Menezes

You never know who you’re going to meet when you ride the Capenna Express. Of course, you’re always going to see strange faces in a city as big and cosmopolitan as New Capenna, but sometimes it can be a little extreme.

Most days, your commute is filled with more questions than answers. How did merfolk get on the train? Did this lady buy tickets for her herd of horses? Why do horses need to ride a train anyway? Wait, are those flying horses?! How did I wind up seated between a centaur and a loxodon? Why did that guy bring his wolf? Are wolves even allowed on the train? Does the wolf bite? I’m pretty sure it just bit that lady. Is that Kitt Kanto’s priceless Halo Scarab I just saw in that elf’s pocket? Wasn’t that stolen? Does that woman have a dead deer on her shoulders? Aren’t there rules about corpses on trains? Never mind, there’s a vampire, so I guess corpses are okay? Is that Madame Monplaisir, the famous fencer? With Bennie Bracks the zoologist on her arm? Aren’t they too rich to ride the train? The questions never end.

Weird People on the Subway is all about going wide and swarming your opponent with an army of tokens. Use Growing Ranks and other populate effects to build your swarm, then Grand Crescendo and Overrun to overwhelm and crowd-smash your opponent. Talk about trample damage!

If your stampede of subway riders doesn’t do the trick, your tokens can crew the Capenna Express for some train-smashing action that’s bound to leave a mark. Speaking of questions, why would they let just anyone on the subway grab the controls?

Creatures (24)

  • 1 Trostani’s Summoner
  • 1 Stonybrook Schoolmaster
  • 1 Academy Manufactor
  • 1 Trostani Discordant
  • 1 Glittermonger
  • 1 Martyr of Dusk
  • 1 Leonin Lightscribe
  • 1 Emmara, Soul of the Accord
  • 1 Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage
  • 1 Marching Duodrone
  • 1 Conclave Phalanx
  • 1 Tireless Provisioner
  • 1 Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice
  • 1 Bennie Bracks, Zoologist
  • 1 Celebrity Fencer
  • 1 Jewel Thief
  • 1 Speakeasy Server
  • 1 Root-Kin Ally
  • 1 Professor of Zoomancy
  • 1 Tolsimir Wolfblood
  • 1 Conclave Cavalier
  • 1 Rosemane Centaur
  • 1 Venerated Loxodon
  • 1 Flight of Equenauts

Vehicles (4)

  • 4 Capenna Express

Enchantments (3)

  • 3 Growing Ranks

Sorceries (3)

  • 1 Overrun
  • 1 Sprouting Renewal
  • 1 Camaraderie

Instants (10)

  • 1 March of the Multitudes
  • 2 Mercy Killing
  • 3 Rootborn Defenses
  • 3 Sundering Growth
  • 1 Grand Crescendo

Lands (24)

(I like Streets of New Capenna artwork for the basic lands)

  • 4 Botanical Plaza
  • 10 Forest
  • 10 Plains


  • Clue
  • Food
  • Treasure
  • Voja
  • 1/1 Blue Merfolk Wizard
  • 1/1 Green and White Citizen
  • 1/1 Green and White Elf Warrior
  • 1/1 Black and Green Pest
  • 1/1 White Human Soldier
  • 1/1 White Soldier with Lifelink
  • 1/1 White Vampire with Lifelink
  • 2/2 White Knight with Vigilance
  • 2/2 Green and White Elf Knight with Vigilance
  • 3/3 Green Centaur
  • 4/4 Green Rhino with Trample

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