Tough Meat

White/Blue/Black Zombie Tokens and Toughness

Unhallowed Phalanx by Nicholas Gregory

Talk about leaving a bad taste in your mouth! The meat in this man’s army is tough, stringy, and rotten to the core. But Geralf isn’t going to let that stand in the way of his vision. All he wants is to stitch together the biggest zombie the world has ever seen!

Creatures in this deck are tough! Really tough! Use Mask of Avacyn and Vanguard’s Shield to make them even tougher, then bring out High Alert to hit your opponent hard. Use Bladestitched Skaab to pump up your zombies until High Alert is in play. Dread Slaver can restock your army from among your opponent’s fallen creatures.

To finish, sacrifice a couple Unhallowed Phalanxes to Geralf to make some 13/13 flying zombies and show your opponent how tough you are. Need a last volley to finish off your opponent? Transform Catapult Fodder, then fling your bottom-heavy baddies right in their face!

Life’s tough, isn’t it?

Creatures (24)

  • 4 Geralf, Visionary Stitcher
  • 2 Catapult Fodder // Catapult Captain
  • 2 Dread Slaver
  • 4 Bladestitched Skaab
  • 4 Undead Augur
  • 4 Unhallowed Phalanx
  • 4 Crashing Drawbridge

Equipment (4)

  • 2 Mask of Avacyn
  • 2 Vanguard’s Shield

Enchantments (4)

  • 4 High Alert

Instants (12)

  • 4 Brainstorm
  • 4 Deadly Plot
  • 4 Dark Ritual

Lands (24)

  • 2 Temple of Silence
  • 2 Temple of Enlightenment
  • 2 Temple of Deceit
  • 7 Island
  • 7 Swamp
  • 4 Plains


  • */* Blue Zombie

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