Resurrection Men

Mono-Black Graveyard Recursion and Leave the Graveyard Triggers

Unlicensed Hearse by Chris Seaman

What’s better than burying your enemies? Digging them back up again! In Georgian England, the Resurrection Men were body snatchers who sold fresh corpses for medical study. Now you can relive their bygone days of glory! Use Sands of Delirium and Deal Gone Bad to mill your opponent’s library, then Unlicensed Hearse to relieve them of the burden of an overfull graveyard. Voltaic Key keeps the engines of your Hearses running.

Meanwhile, your own graveyard is a fruitful source of questionable fruit. A fistful of different spells and enter the battlefield effects get cards in your graveyard, with another fistful to bring them back, triggering Syr Konrad along the way to ping your opponent to death. Combine the discard effects of Tomb Robber and Rank Officer with Grave Scrabbler’s madness ability to double up the value.

To finish, crash through your opponent’s ranks with corpse-laden Unlicensed Hearses, burst the seams of your Crowded Crypt with a swarm of zombies, or turn your opponent’s dead creatures against them with Gisa, Glorious Resurrector.

The Day of Resurrection is at hand!

Creatures (22)

  • 1 Gisa, Glorious Resurrector
  • 2 Syr Konrad, the Grim
  • 1 Body Launderer
  • 2 Corpse Hauler
  • 4 Tomb Robber
  • 4 Rank Officer
  • 4 Grave Scrabbler
  • 4 Putrid Goblin

Vehicles (4)

  • 4 Unlicensed Hearse

Artifacts (4)

  • 1 Crowded Crypt
  • 1 Sands of Delirium
  • 2 Voltaic Key

Sorceries (6)

  • 2 Funeral Rites
  • 2 Bone Shards
  • 2 Bubbling Muck

Instants (8)

  • 1 Abnormal Endurance
  • 1 Defile
  • 2 Deal Gone Bad
  • 2 Dig Up the Body
  • 2 Culling the Weak

Lands (24)

  • 2 Spawning Pool
  • 22 Swamp


  • 2/2 Black Zombie
  • 2/2 Black Zombie with Decayed

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