Party Crashers

Green/White Citizen Tribal and “Same Name” Effects

Impostor of the Sixth Pride by Chris Seaman

Talk about uninvited guests! As if these freeloaders showing up to the party isn’t irritating enough, a lot of them are presumptuous enough to bring a plus one! How rude!

Use Warm Welcome to search for new guests to crash the party. Choose Citizen whenever prompted for a creature type. The best way to slip past the bouncers is to bring a Generous Gift, which your host is sure to appreciate.

To finish, cast Grand Crescendo to pack the room with even more spongers, moochers, and leeches. Then boost them with Take to the Streets, tap Crashing Drawbridge to give everyone haste, and descend on the buffet table like a plague of locusts.

Creatures (24)

  • 4 Universal Automaton
  • 4 Impostor of the Sixth Pride
  • 4 Gathering Throng
  • 4 Irregular Cohort
  • 4 Adaptive Automaton
  • 4 Crashing Drawbridge

Enchantments (4)

  • 4 Radiant Destiny

Sorceries (2)

  • 2 Take to the Streets

Instants (14)

  • 4 Generous Gift
  • 4 Warm Welcome
  • 2 Might of the Masses
  • 2 For the Family
  • 2 Grand Crescendo

Lands (24)

  • 4 Selesnya Guildgate
  • 10 Forest
  • 10 Plains


  • 1/1 Green and White Citizen
  • 2/2 Colorless Shapeshifter with Changeling
  • 3/3 Green Elephant

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