Monkey Business

Mono Green Kogla, Titan Ape and Humans with ETB Effects

Kogla, the Titan Ape by Chris Rahn

Use Shared Summons and Survivor’s Bond to stock up on monkeys and humans, then give Kogla trample with Ring of Kalonia or Nature’s Way. Use Kogla’s enter the battlefield trigger to remove your opponent’s creatures and his attack trigger to remove their artifacts and enchantments. Use his activated ability to make him indestructible, then re-cast your bounced humans to re-trigger their enter the battlefield triggers. Use Exponential Growth fueled by infinite mana to maximize his power, then show your opponent you mean business … Monkey Business!

Infinite Combo: Kogla, Titan Ape + Karametra’s Acolyte + Staff of Domination

  • Requires all permanents on the battlefield. Devotion to Green is at least five.
  • Tap Acolyte for {g}{g}{g}{g}{g}.
  • Pay {3} to tap Staff and untap Acolyte.
  • Pay {1} to untap Staff.
  • You have {g} remaining. Repeat for infinite {g}.
  • Use the excess mana to cast Exponential Growth.

Creatures (22)

  • 4 Kogla, Titan Ape
  • 2 Halana, Kessig Ranger
  • 2 Karametra’s Acolyte
  • 2 Timeless Witness
  • 2 Slippery Bogbonder
  • 2 Setessan Petitioner
  • 4 Whisperer of the Wilds
  • 2 Hyrax Tower Scout
  • 2 Ixalli’s Diviner

Artifacts (2)

  • 1 Sol Ring (Commander Collection: Green)
  • 1 Staff of Domination

Equipment (1)

  • 1 Ring of Kalonia

Sorceries (11)

  • 1 Survivor’s Bond
  • 2 Overrun
  • 2 Outmuscle
  • 3 Nature’s Way
  • 3 Rampant Growth

Instants (9)

  • 2 Return to Nature
  • 2 Shared Summons
  • 2 Titanic Brawl
  • 3 Snakeskin Veil

Lands (28)

  • 4 Mosswort Bridge
  • 4 Myriad Landscape
  • 20 Forest


  • Timeless Witness

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