Mirror Maze

Blue/Black Mill and Clone

Hover Barrier by Mathias Kollros

It’s easy to lose everything in the Mirror Maze: your thoughts, your hopes, even your identity …

I love the menacing, melancholy feel of Card Kingdom’s Battle Deck Looming Gloom and wanted to create something that would evoke a similar mood. My decks Mirror Maze and Court of Shadows are my homage to that lush, distinctly Sultai flavor. I think this was the first deck I built after I started playing Magic again in 2019 (after an 18-year hiatus). It remains one of my favorites.

Go on the defense with walls, then copy your opponent’s best creatures with shapeshifters. Use Mind Funeral and mill artifacts to grind away at your opponent’s library and power up your Consuming Aberrations, then send them down the Rogues’ Passage for unblockable damage. Lost your Aberrations? Body Double can copy them, and Portal of Sanctuary can bounce Body Double, re-triggering it’s enter the battlefield effect. There might be mirrors everywhere, but they still won’t see you coming!

Creatures (24)

  • 4 Labyrinth Guardian
  • 4 Wall of Lost Thoughts
  • 4 Hover Barrier
  • 2 Wall of Stolen Identity
  • 2 Identity Thief
  • 2 Body Double
  • 2 Relic Golem
  • 4 Consuming Aberration

Artifacts (6)

  • 1 Portal of Sanctuary
  • 1 Elixir of Immortality
  • 1 Millstone
  • 1 Grindclock
  • 1 Mindcrank
  • 1 Mirage Mirror

Sorceries (2)

  • 2 Mind Funeral

Instants (8)

  • 4 Lost in a Labyrinth
  • 4 Saw It Coming

Lands (26)

(I like Return to Ravnica artwork for the Swamps)

  • 1 Labyrinth of Skophos
  • 1 Mystifying Maze
  • 2 Rogue’s Passage
  • 4 Dimir Guildgate
  • 6 Swamp
  • 12 Island


  • Labyrinth Guardian

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