Hotel Majestic

Blue/White Counters and Angels

Giada, Font of Hope by Eric Deschamps

Of all the Brokers’ hideouts in New Capenna, none can rival the majesty and mystery of Hotel Majestic. Everything is alive here, from the Scuttling Butler who carries your luggage, to the Suspicious Bookcases lining the sitting rooms, to the angelic stained-glass windows overlooking the city. The furnishings are fraught with potential, as if some Majestic Metamorphosis awaited at the end of each richly carpeted hall. Some say the Hotel itself can come to life, taking to the clouds with an angelic escort. Even the Hotel’s signature exotic fish, placidly swimming in their bowls at every elevator landing, seem to eye the residents with an aura of secret knowledge, as if they were more than they appear.

The people who stay here are no less liminal. Secret agents involved in hush-hush rendezvous, famous figures hiding behind masks, searchers after truth concealing their agendas with lies … what Revelations of Power will these clandestine trysts yield? Only the walls can say, and the walls aren’t speaking … yet.

Hotel Majestic is all about counters. Use Denry, the Evangelist, Resourceful Defense, and Contractual Safeguard to crank out counters of all kinds. Long Road Home can flicker your creatures, re-triggering enter the battlefield effects and piling on more counters. Use Exotic Pets’ evasion to chip away at your opponent’s life and Majestic Metamorphosis to launch surprise aerial assaults. Time your Metamorphosis with Long Road Home to maximize Giada’s blessing. To finish, use Mnemonic Deluge to bring back your Metamorphoses and attack with Parhelion II, launching an all-out angelic assault that’s truly majestic.

Creatures (21)

  • 1 Giada, Font of Hope
  • 2 Denry Klin, Editor in Chief
  • 1 Skyboon Evangelist
  • 1 Undercover Operative
  • 1 Diamond Knight
  • 2 Metropolis Angel
  • 2 Celestial Regulator
  • 2 Inspiring Overseer
  • 2 Suspicious Bookcase
  • 1 Scuttling Butler
  • 1 Solemn Simulacrum
  • 1 Backup Agent
  • 1 Celebrity Fencer
  • 1 Dapper Shieldmate
  • 1 Wingshield Agent
  • 1 Brokers Veteran

Vehicles (1)

  • 1 Parhelion II

Enchantments (1)

  • 1 Resourceful Defense

Sorceries (1)

  • 1 Mnemonic Deluge

Instants (21)

  • 4 Majestic Metamorphosis
  • 2 Contractual Safeguard
  • 2 Exotic Pets
  • 2 Disdainful Stroke
  • 2 Fuel for the Cause
  • 4 Long Road Home
  • 2 Boon of Safety
  • 2 Revelation of Power
  • 1 Slip Out the Back

Lands (24)

(I like Streets of New Capenna artwork for the basic lands)

  • 4 Skybridge Towers
  • 10 Plains
  • 10 Island


  • 1/1 Blue Fish
  • 4/4 White Angel with Flying and Vigilance

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