Food Fight!

Black/Green Squirrels and Sacrifice

Chatterfang, Squirrel General by Jason A Engle

Dina and Gyome live a quiet and happy life together; she brews her teas from the local deathcaps she finds in the forest, and he makes stew from the wriggling things he finds in the swamp. There aren’t many monsters around; in fact, about the only thing they have to worry about are hungry squirrels. And the squirrels here can be ravenous indeed …

Food Fight! is a token-generating and token-eating monster of a deck. Use Gyome, Chatterfang, Creakwood Liege, Chitterspitter, and a fistful of others to crank out tokens and Second Harvest to double your ranks. Then sacrifice your tokens to put acorn counters on your Chitterspitters and make your Ravenous Squirrels enormous, among other triggers. Target a Ravenous Squirrel with Voice of the Vermin’s effect for an extra boost.

Fun tricks: save Smell Fear for when you have Chitterspitter, Ravenous Squirrel, and Voice of the Vermin on the battlefield to maximize your Proliferate. Loathsome Curator’s Exploit ability and Foundation Breaker’s Evoke ability both count as sacrifice triggers. Silversmote Ghoul paired with Food tokens is an endlessly recurring sacrifice trigger that can net you a card every time. And remember Hissing Quagmire for a last-minute creature snack for your Ravenous Squirrels.

Mmmm, I’m getting hungry just writing this ….

Creatures (18)

  • 1 Dina, Soul Steeper
  • 1 Gyome, Master Chef
  • 1 Chatterfang, Squirrel General
  • 1 Braids, Cabal Minion
  • 1 Voice of the Vermin
  • 1 Vermin Gorger
  • 1 Tireless Provisioner
  • 1 Savvy Hunter
  • 1 Silversmote Ghoul
  • 1 Creakwood Liege
  • 1 Foundation Breaker
  • 1 Loathsome Curator
  • 1 Bog Naughty
  • 1 Orchard Strider
  • 4 Ravenous Squirrel

Artifacts (2)

  • 2 Chitterspitter

Equipment (2)

  • 2 Giant’s Skewer

Enchantments (2)

  • 2 Moldervine Reclamation

Sorceries (12)

  • 2 Chatterstorm
  • 2 Crack Open
  • 2 Deadly Brew
  • 2 Prey Upon
  • 2 Smell Fear
  • 2 Time to Feed

Instants (8)

  • 1 Second Harvest
  • 1 Back for More
  • 2 Putrefy
  • 2 Deathsprout
  • 2 Insatiable Appetite

Lands (24)

(I like Modern Horizons: 2 artwork for the basic lands)

  • 1 Hissing Quagmire
  • 1 Deathcap Glade
  • 2 Foul Orchard
  • 10 Forest
  • 10 Swamp


  • Food
  • Treasure
  • 1/1 Green Squirrel
  • 1/1 Black/Green Worm

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