Echo Chamber

Blue/Red Abuse “Same Name” Effects

Strionic Resonator by Noah Bradley

Is there an echo in here? Echo Chamber is all about rewarding yourself for using spells of the same name and punishing your opponent for doing the same. Sounds fair, right?

Use Izzet Staticaster and Surging Flame to take out creature threats while Echoing Ruin, Echoing Truth, Test of Talents, and Ashiok’s Erasure manage non-creatures. Harness the Storm, Search the City, and a handful of artifact baubles keep your spells flowing (and echoing) smoothly. And Persistent Petitioners will drive your opponent you-know-what crazy with their relentless milling.

Strionic Resonator can make the echoes really … well, echo. Pattern Matcher, Invader Parasite, Chrome Replicator, and most importantly Desolation Twin all have triggered abilities that Strionic Resonator can copy. Grabbing multiple Persistent Petitioners from your library or creating Construct tokens? Nice! Triggering damage for multiple land types your opponent fields? Double nice! Creating three (!!) 10/10 Eldrazi tokens from a single casting? Double double nice nice! (Is there an echo in here?)

This deck is the companion to Grudge Match. You could say this is the annoying, whiny cousin and Grudge Match is the angry, bitter cousin. I originally imagined Grudge Match as black and red but changed my mind and pulled out all the red cards. Maybe I’ll make a third cousin to irritate the other two.

Is there an echo in here?

Creatures (20)

  • 2 Chrome Replicator
  • 4 Izzet Staticaster
  • 2 Pattern Matcher
  • 8 Persistent Petitioners
  • 2 Invader Parasite
  • 2 Desolation Twin

Artifacts (4)

  • 1 Locket of Yesterdays
  • 1 Twinning Glass
  • 1 Strionic Resonator
  • 1 Pithing Needle

Enchantments (3)

  • 1 Ashiok’s Erasure
  • 1 Harness the Storm
  • 1 Search the City

Sorceries (6)

  • 2 Echoing Ruin
  • 4 Rite of Flame

Instants (10)

  • 3 Echoing Truth
  • 4 Surging Flame
  • 3 Test of Talents

Lands (24)

  • 4 Myriad Landscape
  • 10 Island
  • 10 Mountain


  • 10/10 Eldrazi
  • 4/4 Construct

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