Dirty Secrets

Blue/Black Investigate Mechanic and Ominous Seas

Wiretapping by Jason A. Engle

A strange mystery is brewing in the alleys of New Capenna …. Dark clues and unanswered questions whisper on the chill night breeze, bearing with them the copper tang of blood and the salt tang of the sea. A strange package appears on a doorstep; creatures with bulging eyes peer from the clouds as evening falls, and in an empty library, a bookshelf slides away from a wall, guided by an unseen hand …

Dirty Secrets uses removal spells like Foul Play and Tragic Slip to disappear your opponent’s creatures, while evasion and damage trigger combos like Security Bypass and Curiosity wear your opponent down. Investigate triggers bring in valuable Clues, which you can use to spring an early Junk Winder. And all the while, card draw after card draw, you’re adding foreshadow counters to your Ominous Seas, drawing ever nearer to the stunning solution of the mystery …

Maybe I should call it “Dirty Sea-Crets?”

Creatures (20)

  • 1 Eloise, Nephalia Sleuth
  • 1 Undercover Operative
  • 1 Thought Monitor
  • 2 Soulknife Spy
  • 2 Duplicant
  • 2 Daring Sleuth
  • 2 Snooping Newsie
  • 2 Dogged Detective
  • 4 Erdwal Illuminator
  • 2 Suspicious Bookcase

Artifacts (2)

  • 1 Magnifying Glass
  • 1 Ominous Parcel

Enchantments (5)

  • 4 Ominous Seas
  • 1 Wiretapping

Auras (8)

  • 2 In Too Deep
  • 3 Curiosity
  • 3 Security Bypass

Sorceries (5)

  • 1 Gone Missing
  • 2 Foul Play
  • 2 Press for Answers

Instants (4)

  • 2 Confirm Suspicions
  • 2 Tragic Slip

Lands (25)

(I like Streets of New Capenna artwork for the basic lands)

  • 1 Havengul Laboratory // Havengul Mystery
  • 4 Waterfront District
  • 10 Swamp
  • 10 Island


  • Clue
  • 8/8 Blue Kraken

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