Green/White City’s Blessing and Dinosaurs

Snubhorn Sentry by Aaron Miller

I read the Dinotopia books by James Gurney when I was young, and immediately wanted to live there, particularly in Waterfall City. This deck is my homage to that fantasy, a city where humans and dinosaurs dwell together in harmony.

Of course, this being Magic: The Gathering, harmony isn’t likely to last. Use Kinjalli’s Caller to get your dinosaurs out faster and get the city’s blessing. Crank out buff counters with Huatli’s Raptor, Bellowing Aegisaur, and Urban Daggertooth. Use Smell Fear and Captured by Lagacs to thin your opponent’s ranks, then Pride of Conquerors and Goring Ceratops to make your dinosaurs into megasaurs and trigger an extinction-level event!

Creatures (29)

  • 4 Snubhorn Sentry
  • 4 Huatli’s Raptor
  • 4 Siegehorn Ceratops
  • 1 Territorial Hammerskull
  • 1 Ranging Raptors
  • 1 Thrashing Brontodon
  • 1 Thundering Spineback
  • 1 Goring Ceratops
  • 1 Wayward Swordtooth
  • 2 Urban Daggertooth
  • 2 Snapping Sailback
  • 2 Bellowing Aegisaur
  • 2 Kinjalli’s Caller
  • 1 Topiary Stomper

Vehicles (1)

  • 1 Untethered Express

Enchantments (2)

  • 2 Radiant Destiny

Auras (4)

  • 4 Captured by Lagacs

Sorceries (4)

  • 4 Smell Fear

Instants (4)

  • 4 Pride of Conquerors

Lands (24)

(I like Ixalan artwork for the basic lands)

  • 4 Botanical Plaza
  • 10 Forest
  • 10 Plains


  • City’s Blessing
  • 3/3 Green Dinosaur with Trample

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