Citizens’ Arrest

Green/White Streets of New Capenna Citizens and Control

Rabble Rousing by Nestor Ossandon Leal

The crime families are out of control. It is up to the citizens to regain the streets of New Capenna. They may not have the sheer power of the demon lords who rule the five families, but there are a lot of them, they’re determined, and they’re angry …

Use Conclave Tribunal and Captured by the Consulate to put your opponent’s permanents under citizens’ arrest and Citizen’s Crowbar to pry apart the engines of tyranny. Alliance and Populate triggers will swell the ranks of your concerned citizens, and Darling of the Masses will attract newcomers to the cause. When you’re ready to strike, use Take to the Streets to empower the masses and Bess, Soul Nourisher to lead the charge! Power to the people!

Creatures (21)

  • 1 Bess, Soul Nourisher
  • 2 Rigo, Streetwise Mentor
  • 3 Darling of the Masses
  • 2 Prosperous Innkeeper
  • 2 Cleanup Crew
  • 2 First Responder
  • 2 Boss’s Chauffeur
  • 2 Mentor of the Meek
  • 1 Swooping Protector
  • 1 Sky Crier
  • 1 Civic Gardener
  • 1 High-Rise Sawjack
  • 1 Civil Servant

Equipment (2)

  • 2 Citizen’s Crowbar

Enchantments (3)

  • 1 Rabble Rousing
  • 1 Growing Ranks
  • 1 Conclave Tribunal

Auras (6)

  • 3 Captured by the Consulate
  • 1 Most Wanted
  • 2 Urban Utopia

Sorceries (2)

  • 1 Take to the Streets
  • 1 Hour of Reckoning

Instants (10)

  • 2 Rootborn Defenses
  • 2 Sundering Growth
  • 2 Might of the Masses (Guilds of Ravnica)
  • 4 Broken Wings

Lands (24)

(I like Streets of New Capenna artwork for the basic lands)

  • 4 Botanical Plaza
  • 10 Forest
  • 10 Plains


  • 1/1 Green and White Citizen

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