Mono-Black Phylactery Lich and Indestructible Artifacts

Phylactery Lich by Michael Komarck

Every great adventure ends here, face-to-rotting-face with the BBEG. Many of them literally end here …

Put the Lich’s phylactery counters on Stuffy Doll, Darksteel Axe, or Darksteel Citadel to keep the Lich alive, use Brass Squire to equip it with any of nine different brutal weapons, use the Bookcase, the Cloak, or Hot Soup to make him unblockable … then sit back and watch the TPK unfold.

The flavor text on the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Swamps is perfect; each one of the four designs’ text could lead an adventuring party into the lair of an evil lich, guarded by his vampire and other foul minions, and not afraid to get his hands dirty swinging weapons.

Creatures (20)

  • 4 Phylactery Lich
  • 4 Brass Squire
  • 4 Vampire Nighthawk
  • 4 Suspicious Bookcase
  • 1 Stuffy Doll
  • 1 Tormod’s Cryptkeeper
  • 1 Nightmare
  • 1 Deathbringer Regent

Artifacts (2)

  • 1 Staff of Nin
  • 1 Sol Ring (Commander Collection: Black)

Equipment (12)

  • 4 Darksteel Axe
  • 2 Leech Gauntlet
  • 1 Whispersilk Cloak
  • 1 Strata Scythe
  • 1 Nightmare Lash
  • 1 Lashwrithe
  • 1 Nettlecyst
  • 1 Hot Soup

Instants (5)

  • 1 x Blood Pact
  • 1 x Doom Blade
  • 1 x Infernal Grasp
  • 2 x Power Word Kill
  • 1 x Fake Your Own Death

Lands (24)

  • 4 Darksteel Citadel
  • Swamp (5 each Forgotten Realms)


  • 0/0 Germ

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