Excel Color by Number

Microsoft Excel is much more than a spreadsheet program; it can also be an innovative design tool and a fun teaching tool. My Excel Color-By-Number worksheets bring together both of these alternative uses into a single fun and inspirational game. The premise is simple: by using Conditional Formatting rules to change the fill color of… Continue reading Excel Color by Number

Revolution Number Five

WUBRG Gates and Evolving Door Progenitus by Jaime Jones The Gatewatch Society of New Capenna have their work cut out for them. It’s bad enough trying to regulate the influx of gangsters, spies, and assassins pouring through the gates of New Capenna. But now a new gate has opened in the opulent Hotel Majestic –… Continue reading Revolution Number Five

Stations, Please!

Green/White/Blue Artifacts and Infinite Combos “Stations Mural” by Steve Tappin and Greg Staples Stations, Please! is a mechanical marvel of moving parts, precisely calibrated to perform each task with the maximum number of steps possible. Pay close attention and try to follow along … (With apologies to Rube Goldberg). Combos Infinite Damage: Cauldron of Souls… Continue reading Stations, Please!

Gatewatch Society

WUBRG Gates and Dragons Tiamat by Chris Rahn The Gatewatch Society of Baldur’s Gate have their work cut out for them. It’s hard enough trying to regulate the influx of cultists, kidnappers, and amoral mercenaries pouring through the gates of Baldur’s Gate. But now the mother of dragons has her eye on the city. Use… Continue reading Gatewatch Society

Magic: The Gathering Decks

I started playing Magic around 1993, when Fallen Empires was new and Thallids were the big thing. I played off and on until around 2003, then took a nearly-20-year break. In 2019, I discovered Card Kingdom’s Battle Decks and Rookie Decks. I bought one of each Rookie Deck for my girlfriend’s birthday, got her hooked,… Continue reading Magic: The Gathering Decks

Welcome to Chronicler’s Note!

Welcome to Chronicler’s Note, the official website of Seattle author and artist, Brent Kauffman (aka The Chronicler). I am best known for my first novel A Lord of Three, but you can find samples of all my different work here, as well as cool merchandise.