Excel Color by Number

Microsoft Excel is much more than a spreadsheet program; it can also be an innovative design tool and a fun teaching tool. My Excel Color-By-Number worksheets bring together both of these alternative uses into a single fun and inspirational game. The premise is simple: by using Conditional Formatting rules to change the fill color of […]

Color by Number #3: Wizard

This is the latest in my series of Excel color-by-number worksheets. This one is aimed at introducing students to some of the ‘magical’ properties of multiplication. Multiplication by 1, 10, 11, 9, and squares are all touched on here. For those who aren’t rabid fans of 80’s Nintendo video games, the character is the Black […]

Color by Number #2: Rocket

This is coloring sheet #2 in the Color By Number series, this time using a simple multiplication table. I haven’t figured out yet what the answer to 6 x 6 should do. Any suggestions?

Color by Number #1: Goomba

This is the first in a series of color by number games I’m designing in Microsoft Excel. The worksheet uses conditional formatting to change the fill color of specific cells based on their contents. Then I add a simple formula (=[cell number]) to link the indicated cell to the place where the user types in […]

How to Start Building Amazing LEGO MOCs (Part 1)

A friend on Instagram recently asked some questions about how I go about building a LEGO MOC (that’s ‘My Own Creation’, by the way). Do I design it first and then buy the bricks? How do I and other builders create such detailed scenes? I thought the questions deserved a blog post. First, a quick […]

Welcome to Chronicler’s Note!

Welcome to Chronicler’s Note, the official website of Seattle author and artist, Brent Kauffman (aka The Chronicler). I am best known for my first novel A Lord of Three, but you can find samples of all my different work here, as well as cool merchandise. The links below are in four groups: Writing, Visual Storytelling (sprite comics, […]