How to Cross the Flaming Chasm of ZLORK (Part Two of Three)

A few weeks ago I posted some teaser images for my Rube Goldberg-esque sprite comic entitled How to Cross the Flaming Chasm of Zlork. Here’s a more detailed look at the artwork, with captions explaining the simple method by which one crosses the first half of the Chasm. I’ll post the artwork for the second half of the Chasm in a couple weeks.

The Flaming Chasm of Zlork receives brief mention in my novel Tattered Faces Volume One: The Alchemist, which I’ll be done with any day now.

Zlork contains images ripped from various Super Mario Brothers™ and Final Fantasy™ video games. Credit for the original sprites goes to the talented artists at Nintendo and Capcom. Please support the hard work of game designers by purchasing authentic games. Beholder is a copyright of Wizards of the Coast. Human Torch is a Marvel character, yo.

For more of the Perilous Adventures of Jack the Dragonslayer, click here.

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