How to Cross the Flaming Chasm of ZLORK

How to Cross the Flaming Chasm of Zlork is a Rube Goldberg machine featuring Perilous Jack and sprites ripped from Super Mario Brothers ™, Final Fantasy ™, BattleToads ™, and (I think) Castlevania ™.

The gallery below is just snippets from the whole image. As soon as I figure out the best presentation for the whole image, I’ll post it here, with labels corresponding to each numbered segment so you can follow the action.

If you like sprite comics and want to see them continue as an art form, please support the talented game designers who created the sprites in the first place by only buying authentic games.

Zlork also appears briefly in my novel Tattered Faces Volume One: The Alchemist.

For more of the Perilous Adventures of Jack the Dragonslayer, click here.

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